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VADERIS Therapeutics

Vaderis is a biotechnology company focusing on treatment of rare and Orphan Diseases caused by Vascular Malformations.

Medical Need

There is a group of rare disorders caused by abnormal formation of blood vessels (“Vascular Malformations”) for which there are currently no available treatments. Afflicted patients have one of two possible genetic deficiencies which are the cause of their condition. Patients develop over-growths of the vasculature causing lesions or benign tumors (known medically as telangiectasia or arteriovenous malformations). These can occur either inside the body or on the outside. These lesions are delicate and subject to rupture, causing unpredictable and uncontrolled bleeding leading to chronic conditions such as iron deficiency and often requiring blood transfusions. One of the most prominent of all diseases caused by Vascular Malformations is known as HHT, or Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia. More than half of HHT patients suffer from lesions in the lung, brain and/or liver, sometimes resulting in life-threatening events such as pulmonary hemorrhage, stroke or brain abscess. There are no treatments approved to address this disease and patients currently rely on interventions which, at best, only manage their symptoms.

Company Objective

Vaderis aims to be the first company in the world to develop a medicine for HHT. Vaderis is developing an oral medicine known as VAD044 which, if successful, will both treat the symptoms of HHT and will reduce the occurrence of new lesions, thereby modifying disease progression of HHT. VAD044 is intended for Orphan Drug status in Europe and USA and is covered by long composition-of-matter patents.


Vaderis executive team is small and expert in the field of the disease pathway with a successful track record of founding and managing biotechnology companies as well as executing clinical trials. Furthermore, Vaderis has a world-renowned Scientific Advisory Board consisting both of leading medical experts in Vascular Malformations and including leading scientific experts in targeted therapies.

Development Phase

In collaboration with Leiden University, Netherlands, Vaderis recently completed the pre-clinical package for our lead compound. VAD044 has achieved Proof-of-Concept in vivo as well as head-to-head comparative studies allowing robust compound prioritization. VAD044 is now ready for Phase 1 clinical trials. Phase 1 will culminate in a robust trial aimed at demonstrating Proof-of-Concept in Patients.

Investments & Partnerships

In May 2020, Vaderis closed its Series A financing round. The CHF18m investment was taken entirely by Medicxi, a leading venture capital partnership specialized in healthcare investments. Most biotechnology companies which focus on Orphan Diseases, such as Vaderis, are able to forge successful partnerships with one of the many big Pharma companies after achieving Proof-of-Concept in patients at the end of Phase 1.

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